Tea With Jane Austen

The event obliquely referred to in this clerihew actually occurred even before the author Jane Austen was born, but the two events share an interesting coincidence: the Boston Tea Party took place on December 16, 1773; and Jane Austen was born exactly two years later, on December 16, 1775.

During her lifetime (1775–1817), Austen was little known. According to Wikipedia:

[Austen’s] major novels … were first published anonymously and brought her little fame and brief reviews during her lifetime. A significant transition in her posthumous reputation as an author occurred in 1869, fifty-two years after her death, when her nephew’s publication of A Memoir of Jane Austen introduced her to a wider audience.

Jane Austen never visited Boston. Indeed, it seems she never left her native England at all, so the clerihew below is, alas, only a fantasy. And here it is.

Jane Austen clerihew

“We are to have a tiny party here tonight. I hate tiny parties, they force one into constant exertion.” — Jane Austen


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