Thomas More

Thomas More clerihew

Thomas More (the English lawyer, author and statesman) was born on 7 February in 1478. He earned the enmity of Henry VIII of England for his perceived opposition to the king’s stance on religious and marital issues. Hence the clerihew…

Thomas More was executed for treason in 1535. You can find out more about him at

More also wrote Utopia, a fantasy that compared contemporary Europe with the imaginary land of Utopia, a place governed by reason and tolerance. Some people (one being R.A. Lafferty in his SF novel Past Master) maintain that Utopia was a satire, but I’m not so sure.

The name “Utopia” is a pun. In Greek, οὐτόπος (ou-topos) means “no place” and εὖτόπος (eu-topos) means “good place”.

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